Marble is the natural igneous and metamorphic rock which is formed from the metamorphism of limestone and crystalline texture with essential composition of the quartz and orthoclase or microcline and it is used for buildings and monuments. It is mainly used for sculpture, building and for many other application.

Kinds of Marble

Marbles are off different types. Marbles are named after their location from quarries. It includes Paros from Greece, Penteli from Greece, Carrara from Italy, Proconnesus from Turkey, Macael from Spain, Makrana from India, Danby from Vermont, and Yule from Colorado.

Marble Applications

Marbles are mostly applied and constructed from the ancient days than any other stone. Marbles are used in cathedral and palaces and in the floors of building to give a richest and fine look. Marbles are used in the most popular places and in the modern homes and in bathrooms.

Marble Floor Tile

Marble is the igneous and metamorphic rock which is formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite and it is especially used in architecture and sculpture. It is suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces, living & dining areas and entry room.

Stone Medallions

Highlight your new and beautiful home, building and monuments with beautiful decorative. Decoration will add elegance and provide finite ideas when decorating the floor.

Stone Installation

It is necessary to make sure that proper installation has been carried in the installation method according to the projects with the stone supplier, adhesive manufacturer and installer. While installing the stone, some necessary steps are to be followed. For example material handling, Storage...