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General Mistakes Done At the Time of Installation - II

Friday, March 30, 2007
Miscalculation in measurement

At the time of installation, the measurement taken for installation should be correctly calculated either by the installer or the professional. When measurement taken for installation is not measured properly, then the ordering of slabs and tiles may go wrong. The measurement should be made accurate and precise by the professional.

Mishandling of stones

The other major mistakes done by the installer is mishandling of stones. When the stones are taken for installation, it should be handled appropriate by the person who handles. Handling of stones is the main and essential factor to be considered by the installer at the time of carrying the stones like granite, marble and so on. The stones must be handled in a flat surface and with additional support to the countertops.

Inappropriate usage

Granite and marble countertops is expensive countertops which can be used either for kitchen, floors or bathrooms. When installation of this countertop is made properly, it gives an immense beauty to the house and buildings. When installation of this countertop is not made properly by the installer or it is inappropriately fixed then it spoils the whole beauty of the countertops. Appropriation is also to be considered important by the installer to maintain the beauty of the natural stone.