Request for a estimate or bid
  Request for a estimate or bid: Please call us or email us, and we will be glad to come by to measure your cabinets and provide you with a bid for fabrication and installation of granite or engineered countertops. Our installed price for granite countertops varies based on the color, edge option, size of the project.

Color Selections
Granite is available in various colors. We show several colors on our web site. If we do not have a certain color slab in stock, we can refer you to a distributor that has the slabs you need.

Once you make your slab selection, at a distributor's yard, we will pick it up and inspect it further prior to fabrication.


We will set up an appointment to template your job after you have made a color selection and have accepted our bid. If your kitchen cabinets are straight runs with right angle turns only, we can measure them without tearing out the existing countertops. We may be able to tear out and install the new countertops within the same day based on the size of job. However, if your cabinets have varied angles at turns and shapes, we will have to tear out your existing kitchen prior to making templates. In this case, you may be without kitchen countertops for a week or two based on our schedule.


You can request us to tear out the existing countertops (Formica, Corian, Tile) and deck it with new plywood either 3/4" or 5/8" for an additional charge. We do not provide plumbing or electrical services. You are required to hire a plumber to unhook plumbing to the sink and faucets and re-install them.

We will tear out existing tile backsplash only if we are installing the full backsplash in granite slab. We do not install tile backsplashes, but we can refer you to a tile installer.

Plywood Decking

Plywood decking can be done by us as part of Tear out and decking. We prefer 5/8" plywood decking, however, we use 3/4" plywood on Euro style cabinets that have very little space between the top of the cabinet and the top of the drawer.

We may not install any plywood if there is a 3/4" unstained area on the cabinet after removing the existing countertops. Please discuss this further with your sales associate.

All cut-outs for drop in sinks and overmount sinks are made on the job site. Please have the sinks at the job site at the time of installation. All undermount sinks have to be at our shop at least 3 days prior to the scheduled install date. Please request your plumbing company to ship the sink to us, or we can arrange to pick up sinks if they are available locally. All cut-outs for the undermount sinks are made in the fabrication shop. We do not make cut-outs based on templates or specification sheets.

Cook top
Please have the cook top (including downdraft if applicable) at the job site at the time of installation. We do not cut based on specification sheets provided by the manufacturer.

  Granite slabs are produced in 8 ft lengths. However, slabs in some colors are available up to 10 ft long. Seams will be placed on long runs and are based on the size of the slabs, location of the cook top, sinks, dishwasher, and other variables. We go to great lengths to minimize the number of seams. Please discuss with our template personnel regarding seam location.

We offer various types of edges, you can view them on our web site under "Edge Options." We will be glad to accommodate any other type of edge option that you may need.

  A 50% payment is required at the time of confirmation of the project and the remaining balance is due upon completion.


All of our Granite countertops are sealed at our factory prior to installation. Engineered Stone countertops do not need to be sealed.