Granite is an igneous rock which is formed in the earth for millions of years from heat and fusion. Granite comprised of Quartz, Feldspar and Mica. It is hard course grained igneous rock. This granite is emerged in large part of the continent. The granite is taken or grained from the ground of quarry in the huge block.

Granite Composition

Granite is formed from the aggregate crystals which are molded together without any interspaces between one and another. The wonderful crystalline of granite is striking characteristic.

Chemical Composition of Granite

Granite is the natural stone and it is formed on the basis of heat and fusion. Granite consists of different chemical component in the average proportion.

Granite Tile

Granite stone will exist with the rich colors and with fabrics, woods, glass and metal which create the atmosphere of luxury to the designer at the reasonable price.

Granite Sink

Nowadays, people are more interested in having the sink in the natural granite stone. It becomes another way to incorporate the beautiful look of the natural stone in the kitchens and bathroom.

Microthin Granite

The high performance and lightweight granite panels can be used as an exterior and interior façade which provides more luxurious and elegant look to the building, homes and monuments.

Granite Applications

Technology has improved his ability to quarry, cut, and shapes and complete has granite which is applied for kitchen and for other application for home, office and for other requirements.

Advantages of Granite

Granite is the attractive and beautiful material that appears to the user, when it is used by them for countertop or any other application.

Best Way To Clean And Care Granite And Marble

Cleaning the granite countertops includes other measures like maintenance and prevention. Maintenance and prevention will give completion for cleaning the granite countertops. Prevent damages by avoiding placing things like acidity inclusive of tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit.