Granite Applications

Granite is used as a building stone, durable, sturdy and as a surfacing material. It has been erected for both public and private building like libraries and courts which composed of both polished and unpolished granite. Mining technique has been improved and it become cheaper and it has been moved for every part of the field.

Granite tiles are the best alternative to the granite countertop, if cost is the major factor. Granite tile can be placed almost in every edge which provides a look and feel of granite countertop. Granite tiles are the best choices for flooring. Polished tiles are perfect for formal areas and honed tiles will be suitable for kitchen and bathrooms.

Fireplace is the excellent place for the granite tile. Granite tile gives a formal look to fireplace than hewn stone or brick. It can be complex or simple as homeowner desires and provides the stunning centerpiece to the home.

Granite can be used in bathrooms and if used it gives a sumptuous, luxurious feel. It is often used in tubs. Granite is the natural stone and it can be used in walk-in showers or steam showers, because of its water resistance. Bathrooms are lined with granite to give an elegant look.

For exterior designing granite is the excellent choice, because of its resistance. Compared to the polished granite stone, honed granite need less maintenance. Honed granite can be used near tub to provide grip and to prevent from slipping. It is a practical, economical and justifiable natural stone.