Origin Of Granite

Some millions of years ago granite formed in the earth. Granite comprised of Quartz, Feldspar and Mica. It is hard course grained igneous rock. This granite is emerged in large part of the continent. The granite is taken or grained from the ground of quarry in the huge block. From the place of quarry, this granite is pieced in to slices. These sliced pieces are then polished on one side and then import it for distributors. The huge pieces are used for kitchen, floors and bathrooms, while smaller pieces are used for tiles, monument and custom carvings. Granite is the heat resistant and scratch resistant. This granite is easy to maintain.

Its sparkling beauty lies in the crystals of quartz, mica, and feldspar trapped within. Multicolored granite has veins that vary from piece to piece, which add character to the stone. It is porous and treated with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains.

Granite is said to be the oldest building material. In the core of the planet the molten rock is found and it is cooled slowly to form a substance imminent the harness and durability of diamond. It is an igneous rock formed in the earth for millions of years before from heat and fusion. The chemical composition of granite is similar to lava. Glaciers crapped of layers of dirt, sand and rock expose the granite formation.