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Learn to Clean Granite Countertops

Sunday, July 15, 2007
If you believe in taking good care of your belongings, then it's confirmed that on regularly cleaning granite countertops it will look novel for years. Follow these below mentioned steps which might be helpful to you.

1. Clean up spills right away, previous to they get penetrated to the surface.

2. the surface of the stone has to be washed with unbiased cleaner, washing soap. Remember, the water should be warm for good result.

3. wipe the surface with clean cloth. Use two to three different clothes.

4. with the paste of flour and soap water try removing the granite stains.

5. once the paste is dried remove it with the wooden utensil to remove the paste along with stains. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove grease or oil stains. Other staining techniques for different stains can be used accordingly.

6. Resealing the marble countertops or the granite countertops is recommended once in two years.