It is made up of acrylic and polyester plastic. Corian comes in varying colors and designs, includes granite and it is available in matte or glossy finish. It is a water resistant and does not contain any stain and it is easy to clean and wash. Corian will not be affected by using chemical as a cleaning agent and any repair can be easily made. It’s not a heat resistant. Placing any hot containers on the surface will create damages to the surface.

It is essentially synthetic, and its finish cannot match the quality and ancient times of natural stone. It meets some of the criterion of a good counter top, but its lack of resistance to heat and scratching do not offer value to a cost conscious consumer. Corian can be classified into three types. They are semi gloss, matte or satin, and high gloss. The corian countertops give the matte finish. To clean the dirt and residue from the surface soapy water and ammonia based cleaners can be used. Strong stain needs strong based cleaners.