Granite and Marble Fabrication Process

The natural stones are brought from the quarry to the home as a sequence. Large blocks of stone are cut and taken from the quarry. These blocks are then cut in to thin pieces and sliced pieces are called slab. The cut slabs are then shaped polished and shipped for installation. This sequence has been changed over the years. In the fabrication process, three basic types of machines have been used. They are saws, polishers and routers.

Several functions are performed by the Saws during the fabrication. The block saw, gang saw will cut the massive stone block into slabs. Diamond wire saws are used nowadays. Bridge saw is used to cut the stone slab into proper shape for its application, either for a countertop or a sink. Circular metal blades studded with diamonds are used and water is sprayed on the blade to cool it during the cutting process. Modern technology produced a new style of saw utilizing water jets combined with an abrasive material to cuts edges and holes quickly and smoothly, and many fabricators upgrading this machine.

Polisher will grind down the natural rough surface to complete as per consumer desire. Stones like marble and granite can be polished to give a mirror finish. It consists of rotating pads which are surfaced with an abrasive substance. Most polishers produce variety of finishes the smooth, shiny mirror finish and decorative finishes like flamed, tumbled, or hammered.

Routers are used to create edge profiles on slab and cut designs on larger pieces like fireplace mantles and hearths. For countertops and tables standard edges are available from simple to highly decorative edges.

Then the series of saws and routers will cut the slab into correct dimension, appropriate holes and shapes of the edges. The computer will control the entire aspect of the shaping process. After the performance of the saws and routers the countertop will move on to polishing machine, to grind the surface of the slab to the desired finish. The machines having laser eyes will ensure that the finish is perfect across the entire countertop. To finish the edge profiles, Edge polishing machines are used. Its contribution is significant in reduction of the cost of natural stone countertops, tables, sinks, tiles, and fireplaces, and continues to bring the costs down. It has increased the quality of the finished product.