Granite Countertop Installation

Granite is the other durable and expensive countertop option used for the countertop in kitchens and bathrooms. Like solid surface material, granite stone is cut and polished. It demands lot of accuracy and coordination to measure and make the templates correctly. It is the hardest material used for countertop and it is an expensive countertop. The granite countertop will add beauty and pleasant feel which cannot felt in other countertop. The major cost of the granite countertop is the labor cost. The installation must be performed with the proper professionals and experts who posses training and equipment. Installation should be done properly, so that money on the installation can be saved. When granite countertop work has been started, the other range tops, sinks and old countertops should be removed. Every process of the installation must be left to the hands of the professionals and experts.

Before starting the installation work, the metal rods and ply woods will be added to the surface to create the strong level for the sink. The main accomplishment of the installation of the granite countertop includes the varying thickness of the slab. It should be noted that leveling of the slab is the main task required to protect and prepare the stone. Later the installer will measure the slab and attention should be made while carrying the slab to reduce the stress on the slab. If installation process is not carried out properly, then later the slab will crack at the time of regular use.

Granite slab will be cut with the diamond saw to fit the templates. Any items can be installed by the installer such as metallic material or separate indication of solid color. To give a smooth and attractive finish on the surface, any penetrating sealer can be applied by the installer. While installation, the installer has to take care of the electrical outlets, sinks, and thickness of the granite process for re-installation of the item.