Sand Stone

Evolution Of Sand Stone

Sandstone is the sedimentary rocked formed by the consolidation and compaction of sand, which is combined together with natural cement and silica. Sandstone is also the natural stone which is very hard and tough material. It is generally the quartz based stone, with different level of porosity, hardness and compressive strength in each stone. Sandstone is also suitable for domestic and commercial use. Sandstones are used for both interior and exterior designing and decoration inclusive of flooring, paving, cladding walls due t its natural beauty.

It is made up of sand cemented silica, iron and lime. The sandstone color depends upon the cementing material. Sandstones are reddish, brownish, carbonaceous, black, siliceous, white and argillaceous, earthy to buff. Additionally, porosity of sandstone should also be considered when deciding the suitability of application to the sandstone.