Senguard, The Stain Protection

SenGuard is a new technology advanced application process innovated specially to meet and compile with stain & spill protection. The basic purpose of designing the SenGuard is for homeowners and builders. SenGuard is used to protect the granite against staining. SenGuard allows the stone to breathe and preserve the natural stone its natural color. SenGuard ensures long lasting enjoyment, everlasting beauty, resistance to stain and spills and it protects and safeguards the interest of the home owners and builders. When granite and other natural stones installed get stained or spilled, then SenGuard will helps the homeowners and builders to feel hassle free.

Comparable to other granite sealers, SenGuard comes up with unique safeguard measures and protects your granite stones against stains and spills. SenGuard becomes important and essential application for home owners and builders. SenGuard is said to be the protective agent that penetrates the stone porous surface to form chemical bond. It is a protective agent that changes the surface to be resistant to liquids, stains, spills with provision of durability and long lasting stain protection. SenGuard provides superior protective shield to the home owners and builders that chemically anchors to the stone's surface creating a permanent bond.