Soap Stone

Origin Of Soap Stone

Soapstone is also the natural stone which is rich in metamorphic rock formed from the magnesium and iron. Soapstone is produced from the dynamo thermal metamorphism. It occurs from the area of sub-ducting the tectonic plates. Steatite is also the other form of soapstone.

The word soapstone occurs due to its functionality. Soapstone is the soft stone and it feels soft and soapy when it is touched. It is used for interior designs, sculpture, sinks and for kitchen countertops. Sometimes soapstone is used for fireplace surroundings because it absorbs and distributes the heat very easily to manufacture. To manufacture the woodstoves, the same heat trapping can be used. Soapstone can be used for griddles and other cookware. It is used as a marker by welders and fabricators, because of its resistance and visibility when heat is applied.