Countertop is also made up of wood. It is made using the strips of thick wood joined together. Wood countertops are durable, attractive and functional. Wood countertops are easy to clean and the scratches can be repaired easily using sandpapering. Wood countertop does not available in more color and design and they need more care and maintenance. Wood countertop do not last for ever compared to other countertops. Wood countertops are not heat, moisture, and scratch and stain resistance. This countertop needs more treatment and they are more expensive. It is important, versatile and beautiful raw material used for most of the counter top. Countertops are made up of different types. But wood countertop gives a specific protection because, it is a stain resistant. But maintenance prevention should be taken to avoid any damages, stain and any dirt. Wood countertops can be made on different varieties of wood and also on the specification of the customer.