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Granite Countertops Are Resistant To Stain

Thursday, April 5, 2007
Countertops are the essential requirement needed on the surface of kitchen and bathroom. Today it becomes the important for the changes of trend in interior decoration for homeowners and builders. Most of the homeowners, builders choose granite, marble as their countertops for decoration. Generally all the natural stones, except marble and granite, they are porous. This natural stones are highly stain, spills and scratch resistant. Especially granite and marble are stain resistant because of its durability. Even when stains are available in the marble and granite, it can be easily removed using quality clearing agent. Granite countertops come in different colors as per the desire of the customer.

Few colors expose their stains and some do not. These stains have to be wiped off carefully and it should be removed using proper clearing agent. Installing the granite and marble countertops for kitchen gives more attraction and impression. Granite is said to be the best for the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite and marble countertops are scratch resistant because of its durability. Granite and marble countertops are natural substances which do not stain easily and quickly. The installer or the house owner should follow necessary steps to make granite countertops has a best element. At the time of installation, both granite and marble countertops should be sealed properly.

Natural stones should be installed properly and carefully without making any scratches, stains and spills on the surface. The countertop surface should be cleaned well. Granite and marble countertops should be cleaned in a regular basis after every use. Usage of juices, oils, vegetables and fruits on the countertops should be avoided. Cleanser applied on the surface should not be abrasive, because abrasive cleanser may damage the surface and spoils its beauty. Granite and marble are the most durable substances which does not easily get stains easily. Even though any stains appear, it can be easily removed.