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Marble Countertops-A Lucrative Choice

Friday, July 27, 2007
As one of the natural stones marble has the unique cachet and elegance that no other building material has. Marble has a class and withstands time. Marble is used all over the world and utilizes the benefits of having an incredible selection of colors and patterns, not to mention some very competitive pricing structures in the market. Marble countertops are becoming increasingly popular in many kitchen remodeling projects and the warmth and splendor that marble adds is hard to beat. This can also increase the resale value of the home as well as the enjoyment of the family that owns it. Marble countertops are expensive, but those which are worked skillfully and maintained, can last a long time.

Cultured marble is an artificial one which is molded from crushed natural marble in a binding medium made up of polyester, resins, calcium carbonate and other materials. These types of marbles are highly resistant to staining, moisture, chipping and scratching. The color of cultured marble countertops can be modified by resurfacing. Such services are provided by enamel refinishers or porcelain and the results can be quite visually pleasing. But still natural marble is a beautiful choice for more decorative countertops. Marbles are viewed as hypoallergenic option for flooring. Marble is polished elegantly and the small fissures, which could materialize in the stone are checked for faults, and pigmented resins are used filled if necessary, to defend the structural value of the tile, as well as the appearance.