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Application of SenGuard

Friday, August 24, 2007
Technology advancement has been increased and to satisfy the requirement of people, graniterocktops has been innovated a new application process called senguard. Senguard is the process which is specially designed to meet the requirements of Houston countertops and New Orleans countertops stains and spills. Senguard ® meets and compiles has stain and spill protection for granite and marble surface. Senguard ® act has a molecular agent or has a protective agent for the granite surface to form a chemical bond.

Senguard ® provides resistance to the surface against liquid and also comes up with durability and long lasting stain protection. When granite countertops gets stains or spills on the surface, senguard helps the homeowners and builders to remove the stains or spills from granite stone and also from other natural stones. The new process, SenGuard ® is said to be a protective agent and provides resistance to liquids, stains, spills and also durability and long lasting stain protection.