Natural Stone

Origin of Natural Stone

Natural stone is the precious stone which is formed in the earth surface long back ago. It is the stone which is comprised of igneous and metamorphic rock. It is made up of heat and fusion. Natural stones are more in numbers. Some of the Natural Stones are Marble, Granite, Limestone, Quartz, Soap stone, Sandstones and Hewn. Natural stones can be used to design and decorate the interior and exteriors of the homes, buildings and monuments. Natural stones can be used in different varieties like countertops, tiles and slabs. Natural stones are most used as a countertop and tile. While quarrying, most fabrication techniques were used for natural stones in home, temples, palaces, buildings and monuments. Natural stone gives more attraction to the homes, buildings, palace and monuments.

About Natural Stone

The natural stone like Soapstone and slate are much softer than granite and also less porous. The stone slate is formed from clay and present with the general shades like solid gray, black, and green. It is composed of mineral talc and mostly contains light striations of quartz. Combined with a sink of the same material, slate or soapstone counters can create a classic farmhouse look or a sleek, refined look. Both stones get scratches easily and also chip especially on the edges. Soapstone and slate can be combined to give a classic look. It is essential and also the important factor to be noted that the stones must be properly sealed.

The stone Marble and limestone are warm and soft material, but they are less practical for kitchens, because food acids stain. Marble are the mostly wanted material by the homeowners and the stains can be easily removed using chemicals. Marble is a classic surface and many prefer marble to be the countertop for the kitchens. It is polished like granite and limestone is polished to a matte finish.

Types of Natural Stones

Soap Stone
Sand Stone
Lime Stone
Coral Stone