Granite Kitchen Countertops

Nothing will exceed the natural beauty and stylishness of the stone granite. Compared to the installation of the granite tile kitchen countertop, nothing will go in depth and character. When you decided to remodel your kitchen, consult with the design expert to show the samples and rich sophisticated textures and colors for granite tile kitchen countertops.


Formica is formed by joining the thin layer of plastic to the particleboard or wood. Formica comes in different and attractive colors, designs, and imitate like granite and it is comparatively inexpensive and highly durable...

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles joined together with the grouting tiles come in array of designs and colors. Ceramic tiles are usually considered by some owners an attractive, durable, stain, water, heat resistant and also scratch proofed.


It is made up of acrylic and polyester plastic. Corian comes in varying colors and designs, includes granite and it is available in matte or glossy finish.


Countertop is also made up of wood. It is made using the strips of thick wood joined together. Wood countertops are durable, attractive and functional.


It is a natural story with immense beauty and is available in many colors and it finishes gives more texture and structural composition.


Marble countertops can be also used for kitchen countertop. It has good appeal and hygienic. Marble is stain and scratch resistant.

Granite and Marble Countertop Edges

Granite and marble countertop provides best possible edge profile with the development in technology. Variety of edge profiles will be offered, if you are ready to purchase the countertop.

Granite Countertop Installation

Granite is the other durable and expensive countertop option used for the countertop in kitchens and bathrooms. Like solid surface material, granite stone is cut and polished.

Granite and Marble Fabrication Process

The natural stones are brought from the quarry to the home as a sequence. Large blocks of stone are cut and taken from the quarry. These blocks are then cut in to thin pieces and sliced pieces are called slab.